We offer you the best value from our extensive experience in Open Carbon Baking Furnaces. We have been specializing in development, design, construction and rebuilds of furnaces over thirty-five years.


Complementing with our sister company Custom Automation Australia Pty Ltd (formerly known as WEBBAustralia) we are amongst the world top 3 suppliers of Anode Cleaning Stations, Anode Handling Systems and Refractory Maintenance Equipment.


Carbon Baking Technology’s



Being an independent engineering and consultancy company, we know all existing carbon furnace designs in the world: we know therefore the strong points and the weaknesses of these designs.

That’s why we can offer the best possible design solutions within any given building or process limitation. Aside of building from scratch, we are specialized in the rebuild of existing furnaces and

the rebuild of closed furnaces to open furnaces. In a safe way, guaranteeing consistent top quality,

with maximum cost efficiency.


AND: in case of rebuild, we guarantee our time schedule, so you know exactly what to expect

and how to plan your production.



TOP quality anodes baked under optimal furnace design, with totally controlled firing system and

clean emissions: more anodes, less costs, with maximum consideration towards environment and human resources. In short: the ideal working and producing conditions for Carbon Baking.

We offer nothing less than the best. Be it in greenfield built or in the rebuilding of furnaces.




Guaranteeing consistent top quality of all baked anodes.

Energy Consumption: < 1.7 GJ/t (baked anodes) Pitch burn combustion efficiency up to 99.84%.

Emissions in accordance with international standards Clean off-gas & no collecting of Tar!

Production capacity: > 60.000 ton/fire baked reject < 0.2%.

Flexibility in Long Term Operation important in case of amperage creep.

The Lowest Refractory Maintenance Costs.


State-of-the-Art on

3 conditions:


In order to make our design work perfectly and to produce the best Anodes, there are three

imperative conditions:


1. The right Refractory and Tub design & the best available Refractory Materials, based on knowhow

1. and experience including modeling, choice of materials and specifications


2. Advanced Firing and Control System, combining the latest technologies with thorough understanding 1. of operators, process engineers and Smelter Management needs.


3. Specialized Anode Handling Equipment, an experience based selection of MPM’s conveyors,

1. cleaning stations, etc.


A glimpse inside.

This introduce our CFT’s best practices in furnace operation and refractory maintenance.

Our design of a CFT baking furnace is based on:


1. Safe Operations and Safety during Construction.

2. Healthy and ergonomic working environment.

3. Maximum productivity and quality of the anodes.










Detail A: No tripping hazards in our design.

The side wall insulation is completely covered by the concrete tub console and anchored to the Tub.

Detail B: The design can be made suitable for all anode dimensions with either vertical or horizontal packing of anodes.

Detail C: Improved pre cast flue top, without air ingress and the risk of burning the operators feet.

Detail D: A new design for precast side wall insulation that is safer and faster to install but provides as high levels of insulation to typical designs.

Detail E: Starter blocks for faster and safer flue wall renewal.


Together we’re even stronger!

CFT, The Netherlands


LOCAL Parners & Companies



Unique refractory design and special tub design

State of the Art firing system (Innovatherm)

Customized anode handling equipment (CAA Pty LTD)


We are 100 % accountable for:

Project Management




Furnace Operation




Refractory Maintenance Cost




Pleased to meet you!

Peter van Varik

Managing Director



Bachelor of Engineering – Structural

Graduated cum laude at the Polytechnic of Rotterdam



Peter has worked for more than 20 years at Aluchemie Rotterdam. Aluchemie has been the largest Carbon Plant in the world which operated 7 Carbon Bake Furnaces and three Paste Plants, producing more than 510.000 meters of baked anodes per year.


As Manager of the civil and refractory department he implemented the DuPont’s Contractor Safety Management system, and developed the Plant’s SHE plans for Project Management. The ongoing optimization of civil and refractory maintenance by the development and introduction of new technology and procedures was also a key aspect of his work


Peter was also the Alesa Carbon Technology Manager at Aluchemie. He has undertaken Baking Furnace audits, proposals, expansion studies, reviews, scope of works, commissioning, site assistance and trouble shooting for many third party clients all over the world. Including RioTinto, Alcan, Dubal, Billiton and Alcoa Plants.


Since 1992 he has been a member of the Refractory Materials division of the Dutch Standards Institution.


Peter has earned a worldwide reputation through his extensive experience of Carbon Plant operations, and detailed knowledge of civil and refractory designs, and ability to create efficient solutions.


Harry Sebel

Engineering Manager



Structural Steel Engineer

Refractory Engineer



Harry has started his career as a structural steel designer. In the period 1974 through 1989 he designed mainly steel constructions for the petrochemical industry.


In 1989 Harry joined NV Gouda Vuurvast (GVV) and very soon he was Head of their Engineering department. With GVV he was responsible for the design of the refractory linings for the petrochemical industry and

for aluminum smelting and holding furnaces.


In 1990 he undertook the engineering for

the retrofit of an existing Riedhammer closed carbon baking furnace into a closed Hydro furnace.


From 1994 he became involved in the design and further improvement of the Alesa/Aluchemie Technology projects worldwide.

At the same time he was involved at GVV in the engineering of all GVV’s “Rebuilds on the Run”.


Another specialism of Harry over the last twenty years is the design of many aluminum melting and holding furnaces for Engineering companies as Hertwich, LOI, Mechatherm, Solios, Thermcon, Jasper and Sistem Teknik, He also designed furnaces for end-users as Corus, Aleris, Alcoa, Aldel and Alumax.


Another specialism of Harry is the design

of new tilting rotating scrap melters including some redesigns of old furnaces. Besides that Harry designed more than 300 Zinc coating pots all over the world for companies for example such as Ajax Magnethermic, Inductotherm and Induga.


After his early retirement from GVV in 2009, Harry joined CFT and made his specialism available to all former and new clients.


Rien Feldmann

Senior Consultant



Certificate Civil Engineering

Member of the Institute of Refractories Engineers



Rien has started with Gouda Vuurvast in 1967 as a construction manager for projects

in the petrochemical, ceramic industry, steel industry and the aluminum industry. In the period 1981 thru 1986 he left GVV and worked as a contract manager in Australia.

In 1986 Rien rejoined Gouda Vuurvast to undertake the Technical Sales for the worldwide Aluminium Industry.


Rien has stayed with Gouda Vuurvast

fulltime until his retirement in 2006. During that second period with Gouda Vuurvast he realized that the biggest challenge for an Aluminium Smelter is to reduce the time needed for the refractory maintenance of the Carbon Baking Furnaces.

Rien developed therefore the so called “Rebuild on the Run” strategy, which enables a Plant to undertake the necessary maintenance and changes to the tub and refractory design without decommissioning the furnace. Rien has constructed successfully furnaces at Albras in Brazil,

BHP Billiton’s Hillside and Alcoa’s Portland and Sao-Luis and furnaces besides furnaces in England and The Netherlands with his “Rebuild on the Run” method.


From 2006 to 2008 he has worked as a part time consultant to Gouda Vuurvast and

CFT Carbon Furnaces Technologies. In 2009 Rien Feldmann joined CFT Carbon Furnaces Technologies fulltime.


Rien has demonstrated throughout his long career strengths in problem solving and thinking out of the box with always an eye to the practical solution at the worksites.

Nowadays Rien is available for specialist project support, audits, inspections, calculations and reviews for the Primary &  Secondary Aluminium Industry and the Refractory Industry.


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